2011, new year, new me..” yeah yeah thats what u said in ’09 ’08 ’07 ’06…
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ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower


ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower

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He is a FOOL that say —> “There is NO GOD”

So I went for the Holy Ghost Congress and it made a whole of sense! For the first time iActually listened, prayed and really felt like iGained something really substantial.

Though congress is over…the effect is definitely lasting my lifetime. #NoDoubt

Every song ends.. but is that a reason not to enjoy it?

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We make choices everyday, some are benefecial to us while some work against us… even when we are still given the best of advice we still go ahead to pick direction to go based on

What will people think?

A wrong decision could be the path-way to a failed career before it got started and a wise one… a foundation for a successful tommorow.


In this life, I wish we all had switches, like when you want to sleep … “SNAP" …and off you go! Your fast asleep… or when you want to stop a bad habit… "SNAP" … and no more!

What if there was a restart button!? Loads of mistakes we’ve made in the past we wish we could start all over and correct and go on like they never happened.

But that is mere fantasy… we just have to take life as it is because

"You can’t change the past, cause it’s gone, you just gotta move on, because it’s all Lessons learned"

The bitter truth is that there aint going to be no switch nor button that would make everything alright in a jiffy or make everything make sense in a sec.

No we are gonna have to make those mistakes and learn to drive carefully next time and aviod those ditches we fell into yesterday.


My school of thought.

Do you know the most annoying thing? Expecting and really hoping for something to go in the right direction and it just doesn’t! :(

iPut on my FB status weeks back that “Being cynical actually saves you from all the unnecessary drama

iAlmost dropped out of this school sometime back but then iGot punched in the face again and here i am again. - Just like the “Prodigal son”. Taking that vow never to go AWOL.

iMean people, like it or not are just going to keep disappointing you the way you probably will also at times disappoint other people… it’s a freaking cycle!

Everyman is in a battle field fighting against non other than himself… some drop their Shield, Sword, Bow and arrow and surrender to the greatest enemy.
… some continue fighting and may never win … but some stand on their feet and use every weapon available and succeed in getting this so called “greatest enemy” to it’s knees in chains.

Only then can a man call himself victorious… as a man who can rule his flesh can rule a Kingdom.

AyinOluwa Obafunto

You can’t change the past, Cause it’s gone, you just gotta move on, because it’s all Lessons learned’